The Slazinski Law Firm and its attorneys have many years of experience in their respective areas of practice. They are active not only in the courtroom, but also in educating individuals and companies by putting on seminars and authoring articles in their areas of legal expertise.

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Articles & Seminars

Collecting on Judgments PDF Icon Small

When you are owed money and the other party refuses to pay, obtaining a judgment against that party is only half the battle and sometimes it is the easier half. The more difficult task can be turning that piece of paper that says "Judgment" into money. Matthew Slazinski has extensive experience in obtaining judgments as well as the "post-judgment" proceedings that are used to locate and seize the assets of debtors. Mr. Slazinski shared some of this knowledge and experience when he put on a seminar on these topics for the American Subcontractors Association. The materials he distributed at that seminar are attached.

Employment Law Article PDF Icon Small

Mr. Slazinski has authored articles on various employment law topics. One example can be viewed by clicking on the link. This article focuses on various issues that arise in the employment arena including claim preclusion, sexual harassment, unemployment benefits, and EEOC remedies.

Payment Bonds in Michigan PDF Icon Small

Mr. Slazinski has extensive experience in construction law. He is actively involved with the American Subcontractors Association and has been a frequent lecturer for that organization. One seminar conducted by Mr. Slazinski focused on the ins and outs of payment bonds and their use in the construction industry. Payment bonds can be beneficial to various parties in the construction process if those parties understand what they are for and how to utilize and access those bonds. The materials he distributed at that seminar are attached.

Small Claims Actions PDF Icon Small

Sometimes the amount at stake in a dispute is not large enough to justify the cost of hiring an attorney. However, that does not mean that you should forget about money that is rightfully owed to you. Small Claims Court provides an avenue for you to address such disputes on your own, but still using the court system. Mr. Slazinski conducted a seminar on Small Claims Actions in order to educate people on how to effectively utilize this user-friendly branch of the court system. The materials he distributed at that seminar are attached.